LBC Weekly: 9/1/14


Announcing: a new web site for Lake Baldwin Church! The aim is two-fold: to have a more active gathering place to serve the people of Lake Baldwin Church; and to offer a compelling introduction to LBC by new visitors at the site. Special thanks to Dan Whaite for getting the new site ready for launch, and for continuing to populate the site with useful and relevant content. Check out the new LBC web site at: See below for some of the ways the web site can serve you.

Worship This Sunday at 10:45

  • Exodus continues with a message from 1:15-22, “Call the Midwives.”
  • It’s a story of courage. We’ll see how two women, Shiprah and Puah, change the arc of history by standing up to Pharaoh.
  • We’ll also hear a modern-day story of changing the arc of history...from one of our own.

Just some of the ways the new web site will serve you

  • Video sermons--keep up with the sermon series if you served in SPLASH or were out of town.
  • Calendar of events--see what’s coming up at LBC.
  • Find a community group and plug in.
  • Secure on-line giving.
  • Access our church directory. Sign up for it if you haven’t yet done so.
  • Pastors’ Blog, including all 31 days of the August Call to Prayer.
  • Sign up to volunteer on a once/month serving team.
  • Get each week’s discussion questions for Exodus. (coming soon)
  • And more…
  • Check it out at Bookmark it.