lbc weekly

LBC Weekly: 10/12/14; Joel and Katie update; Food Trucks; Young Adults Party

God’s timing is always perfect. As you know, Joel and Katie Pollard (pictured above) will be joining our team at Lake Baldwin Church. Joel will begin leading worship on November 16, just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Katie will be joining our administrative team in a job-sharing arrangement with Terri Poulos, who just adopted a newborn. In God’s timing, he has blessed us with Tim and Angela Inman to lead our worship team. In another example of providential timing, God has provided Lisa Rigsby as office back-up during Terri’s maternity leave, and until Katie arrives.  

LBC Weekly: 10/5/14; Sign up for Sunday morning class; Oct dates; and more

Welcome new members to Lake Baldwin Church: James and Sarah McDonald, and Clayton and Traci Keene, just some of the group from our summer membership class. The next class is scheduled for Oct 17-18 (Friday evening and Saturday morning). We begin with a BBQ on Friday evening. It’s a great chance to connect with the leadership of LBC, and to learn about the vision, values, and beliefs of the church. Sign up at:

LBC Weekly: 9/28/14; Welcome baby Schalmo! And more...

Congratulations to Fritz and Barbie Schalmo on the birth of Jack Schalmo. The little guy came into the world 20 inches long, weighing just over 8 pounds. Mom and baby are doing well, and dad is proud as can be (as you can see in the picture, above).

Read on to hear about recent milestones, sign-up for Sunday morning class, and ways that God is using your investment to make a difference in the city.

Quote of the week: “Health = high expectations and the grace to reach them. Expectations without grace breed anger; grace without expectations = couch potato.” (Henry Cloud)

LBC Weekly: 9/21/14; Worship leader announcement; financial report; and more

It was one year ago that we rolled out our new Shepherding Plan, and we’re grateful for our elders and the care that they extend to their shepherding groups. This Friday, our elders and their wives will be hosting hospitality dinners in their homes. Everyone is invited! If you are not yet a member of LBC, you are invited to the home of Mike and Molly Tilley. Please RSVP to: Pictured above are two of our elders, Bart Johnson and Richard Hostetter. Pray for Bart, who just had surgery on his achilles tendon. Richard will be leading the new class, “Not By Bread Alone,” beginning Sept 5, 9:30-10:30, at Glenridge Middle School.

LBC Weekly: 9/14/14

We love it when people get to serve God in areas that relate to their gifts, their passions, and their experience. When Christians find their sweet spot, they experience great joy,and the kingdom of God advances. That’s why we’re so grateful for Dan Whaite, pictured above, with his wife Katie. Working with Matt Brubaker, Dan has started a new enterprise called Digital Acts, helping churches attract newcomers. Dan leads our digital media effort at Lake Baldwin Church, creating our new web site and helping tell our story in the city.

LBC Weekly: 9/7/14

You won’t want to miss our church-wide Hospitality Event, September 26 at 6:30 pm! Everyone is invited as our elders and wives host dinners around the city. We’ll have fun, good food, and a chance to enjoy the people of LBC, like Kyla O’Brien and Matt Baker, pictured above. If you are a member of Lake Baldwin Church, you will receive an invitation from your elder. If you are not yet a member, you are invited to the home of Mike and Molly Tilley. To RSVP for the dinner at the home of Mike and Molly, simply e-mail: 

LBC Weekly: 9/1/14

Announcing: a new web site for Lake Baldwin Church! The aim is two-fold: to have a more active gathering place to serve the people of Lake Baldwin Church; and to offer a compelling introduction to LBC by new visitors at the site. Special thanks to Dan Whaite for getting the new site ready for launch, and for continuing to populate the site with useful and relevant content. Check out the new LBC web site at: See below for some of the ways the web site can serve you.

LBC Weekly: 8/24/14

This Sunday we begin a new series on the Book of Exodus. Over the years, we’ve found that people of all stages of the spiritual journey have enjoyed the stories of the Old Testament.  As I’ve been preparing over the course of the summer, I’ve fallen in love with Exodus all over again. We’ve entitled the series, “Take Off Your Sandals.” That’s a reference to Exodus 3:5, the famous story where God appears to Moses in the burning bush. I hope you’ll plan now to join us every week that you’re in town. And, this will be a great series for inviting friends and family to church. Thank you for your prayers, as we all, like Moses, prepare to meet with God in the Book of Exodus!

LBC Weekly: 8/10/14

Here’s a picture from our recent membership class. It’s always a highlight to get to know some of the new people that God has brought our way. When you get the opportunity, please say hi to Brad and Kathy Bright, Clayton and Traci Keene, James and Sarah McDonald, Ellane Park, and Jim and Teri Pickering.  Also...please read on for important dates, how to sign up for the daily prayer devotional, and the next weekly prayer gathering Monday evening.

LBC Weekly: 8/3/14

We’re happy to announce that the elders have issued a call to prayer for the month of August. Beginning tomorrow, we are asking the congregation of Lake Baldwin Church to take a few minutes to pray for the work of the church as we anticipate the spiritual opportunities of the fall. While we pray throughout the year, we have an annual prayer focus each August. Check out this 2-minute video clip that gives some of the heart and history behind the August Prayer Initiative. To watch the video, click here ( . See below for two simple ways that you can participate.