About Our Worship

At LBC we believe that worship is God’s primary tool for shaping our identity as his beloved people, the Church.  Worship is not a concert; nor is it entertainment for spectators.  Rather, worship is a divine, community reenactment of the great story of the scriptures: Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation.  Thus, as we gather to sing, pray, celebrate the sacraments, read the scriptures, confess our sins, and profess our common faith together, God’s story becomes our story and, over time, by God’s Spirit, we are shaped both individually and corporately into the image of Jesus Christ- the Church. Worship approaches, preferences, and styles may differ among contexts and communities, but the essence of Christian worship remains the same!


At LBC there is a liturgy (or a gospel flow) that helps us tell this great story. In short, God communicates to us and we respond in worship. First God calls us to worship and we respond in song. Then God cleanses us in confession and we respond in prayer. Next God covers us with the gospel and we respond in thanksgiving. God consecrates us with his word and we respond in affirmations of faith and petition. And finally God commissions us with his blessing and we respond by lifting our hands to receive his benediction.


Get Involved

Do you play a musical instrument? Are you gifted with computers, technology, sound, and lights? We need you! We would love for you to get involved and use your gifts to glorify God. Contact Joel Pollard, our worship leader, to find out how.