What is SPLASH Kids?

SPLASH Kids is the children’s program at Lake Baldwin Church. We serve children and their families from 6 weeks through 5th grade. We are intentional about providing an energetic, exciting, and meaningful environment where the children learn how much they are loved by God and are encouraged to grow in their relationship with Him. 

Check out this brief video for an overview of what happens in SPLASH Kids every Sunday

Our Vision:


Transformed by the grace of Christ and compelled by His love, our vision is to be a loving community where children discover the Gospel and families are equipped for spiritual growth. Because Christ himself loved children, we desire that our congregation imitate Him by praying for, loving and serving the children in our midst. 


We offer 7 classes in 3 categories:

SPLASH classes.png
  • Our nursery serves the Angelfish and Minnows. Check-in begins at 10:35.
  • Our preschool classes, the Rainbowfish and Goldfish, learn and play in two classrooms. The lessons reinforce Bible stories in fun, engaging ways preschoolers can understand. Check-in begins at 10:35. 
  • The elementary classes—Clownfish, Swordfish and Dolphins—begin at approximately 11:15 when the children are dismissed from the worship service. Kids follow their group “captain” to the SPLASH hallway, where each group rotates between three stations. Each group travels the same rotation path each week and pick-up locations are clearly marked with class flags posted outside the classroom.