August Prayer - Day 10

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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans and widows...

—James 1:27


Father to the Fatherless

by TJ Sellers

Nine years ago, I had the opportunity to help build an orphanage in rural Uganda. I remember feeling a deep sense of compassion each day for the children who would come out of the sticks to observe the construction of their future home. Now, I spend my days in a comfortable office building, often going months without even remembering there are orphans in the world. James reminds us of our Father's heart for the destitute and calls us to action. 

Pray that God would fill your heart with compassion for the orphans, widows, and oppressed around the world. Prayerfully consider what step you (and LBC) could take to care for those who are often overlooked. Perhaps that next step will include going on an upcoming mission trip to be reminded of the world's vast need for the hope of the Gospel.


How to pray today:

  • Pray for our deacon team: Scott Crocker (chairman), Andy Vincent, Chris Kendall, Adam Mikkelson, Michael Ballenger, Drew Hallberg, Kyle Bourne, and Candice Holtz. Pray for them as they lead our church in deeds of love and mercy; congregational care; finances; volunteer teams; facilities; and global missions. Pray that God will continue to add new deacons and deaconesses to the team.

  • LBC has sent missions teams to Baja, California, to partner with Peter and Jenny Boling, serving with Mission to the World. Praise God for raising up a church planting pastor for the new church plant in La Paz! Their names are Jose Luis and Ana Villasana and they arrive in La Paz on August 18th! Pray for them and their children: Jose Luis (19), Daniel (17), and Raquel (15), who will be making significant adjustments with the move to La Paz. Pray that the whole family will know God’s presence amidst all the challenges and difficulties.