August Prayer - Day 2

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Like cold water to a thirsty soul,
so is good news from a far country.
—Proverbs 25:25

For the Thirsty

by Joe White

For every Christ-follower this is true: WE have the “cold water” thirsty people need. We have heard the good news—that God came to this world in the person of Jesus to live unto perfection, die unto sacrifice, and resurrect unto the making of a new world. Felt needs change as culture changes, but the deepest need within the heart of every last person we encounter is to know this good news. Lake Baldwin Church exists to proclaim this, not as put-together religious people, but as broken people who once were thirsty and have found in Christ the spring of living water. Today, pray for those at LBC who do not yet know Christ. Pray for your friends and families. And pray for the boldness to carry water to the thirsty, to carry the news from a far country.

How to pray today:

  • Ask God, by His Spirit, to give us an increasing heart for those who do not yet know Christ. Ask him to give us the compassion of Christ.
  • Many make a first-time commitment to Christ in their teen years. Pray that many teenagers will come to faith in Christ through our youth ministry in the coming year.