Special Announcement: Transition in SPLASH Kids

A letter from Michelle Crouse:

Dear LBC Community,
I am writing to give you an update on my life and my role at LBC. Over the last several weeks I have been taking a leave of absence to work through some medical issues. It has been a blessing to have a break from work as I have focused on my health. 

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. It is not a life-threatening issue as you may have worried, but it is something that needs attention and I have had and will be having procedures and surgery. The time off has given me more time to think, journal and evaluate. It has been a healthy time of reflection and I am thankful for the space that LBC has given me to do that. 

Two of the thoughts that I have been working through are, “What is getting the best part of me?” and “Where do I desire the best of my attention to go during this season of life?” Through that process I have realized that my role as the Director of SPLASH Kids has become too big in my life. 

I have loved working in this role and I am thankful that the Lord put it before me 5 years ago. I have loved being a part of what the Lord is doing in the lives of children and families, I have loved the relationships that have been formed through it and I have enjoyed using my creativity to put on camps, write curriculum, be a part of community events and manage the weekly tasks to run the program. But I see the Lord’s hand in my life moving me on from this, and I have stepped down from my role as the SPLASH Kids Director. 
This has not been an easy process and one that I grieve at many levels. But, I am confident that the Lord gives us seasons for different things and I believe it is time for me to enter into a different season. For a long time, I have understood my life through an analogy of a big quilt with lots of patches that the Lord is putting together. Sometimes the fabric is beautiful and sometimes it is just leftover fragments; sometimes the pieces are intricate and sometimes they are an awkward shape. But when we step back and look at it, we see that the Lord is creating something unique with our story and one day there will be a completed, beautiful tapestry that points to and brings glory to God. 

I see many patches on this quilt from my time at LBC. I see patches from earlier in my life that prepared me for my role at LBC and I trust the Lord with the patches He has yet to create in my life. Thank you for being a part of my quilt and for the many ways you have impacted me. 

My heart has always desired the very best for SPLASH and for LBC and my prayer is that the Lord will continue to bless and grow the program and the church in amazing ways.

With appreciation and love,

A letter from our pastor, Mike Tilley:

Dear LBC Family,

By now you may have heard that Michelle Crouse will be making a transition out of the role she has held for 5 years, as our SPLASH Kids Director. I’m writing to express my appreciation for Michelle and her whole family, for her years of partnership with us.

It was in July that Michelle first began talking with Molly and me about the possibility of a transition. We were in ongoing conversations about her role when her medical concerns became a more pressing factor. During Michelle’s recent medical leave, we met with her and Joshua, and they confirmed their sense that God is leading them to make the transition official.

You are aware of the influence that Michelle has had on our children and on our entire church body. For Molly and me, along with our staff, Michelle has been a partner in the gospel as she has helped grow the church. For those who have served in SPLASH Kids, participated in Kids Camp, or volunteered at outreach events, Michelle has been a caring leader, planning every detail so thoughtfully and thoroughly that it was always a joy to be part of her team. For our children, she has had a steadfast presence as a role model and teacher; orchestrating the weekly SPLASH Kids experience; dreaming and planning for Kids Camp; and creating countless crafts and games to bring the gospel home to their hearts.

For Molly and me, Michelle has been a fun and faithful friend. Our affection for her has extended to Joshua, to their children, and to her mother. 

Though we will miss Michelle, she has built a solid foundation of inspired teachers and other volunteers in SPLASH. With Jenna Nelson and other strong leaders in place, we will be able to build on Michelle’s legacy by prayerfully charting the course for the next chapter in SPLASH Kids.

While events have unfolded in surprising ways from our human perspective, I’m convinced that God’s gracious providence has been at work. In Psalm 34, the Psalmist calls us to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” We can trust that the recent turn of events will be good for Michelle, and good for our church. 

Your prayers have sustained Michelle’s ministry over the years, and I invite you to continue to pray for her health and her transition. Continue to pray, too, for our kids, for Jenna, and for our entire SPLASH team.


Mike Tilley